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Lumbar Discography

If X-rays or other diagnostic tests can’t identify what’s causing your lower back pain, it may be time to consider a lumbar discography. Munish Loomba, MD, offers lumbar discography procedures on an outpatient basis at Advance Comprehensive Pain Care, Inc. Dr. Loomba uses advanced technology to identify diseased or damaged discs in your spine that contribute to your pain. Results from a lumbar discography can ensure you get the treatment you need for long-lasting symptom relief. Call the office in Moreno Valley, Riverside, or Rancho Cucamonga, California, to schedule a lumbar discography consultation or book an appointment online today.

Lumbar Discography Q & A

What is lumbar discography?

Lumbar discography is a diagnostic test that can diagnose the underlying cause of pain in your lower back, legs, or hips. The test can determine if a damaged or diseased spinal disc is the source of your pain.

The procedure involves an injection of a contrast dye into one or more of your spinal discs in your lumbar (lower) spine. Dr. Loomba uses imaging technology to inject the dye into specific discs.

If you experience a reduction in your pain after the injection, it may indicate that a damaged disc is the cause of your symptoms.

When would I need a lumbar discography?

You may need a lumbar discography if you have persistent back, leg, or hip pain that’s not identifiable with other diagnostic tests.

Dr. Loomba may also request a lumbar discography if you’re planning to have surgery to treat or remove damaged spinal discs. The procedure helps identify which discs need treatment.

Ahead of your lumbar discography at Advance Comprehensive Pain Care, Inc., you receive guidance that helps you prepare for your procedure. Plan to have someone drive you home from the office after your appointment.

What can I expect during a lumbar discography?

On the day of your procedure, you receive a sedative medication through an intravenous (IV) line in your arm. You’ll be relaxed but awake during your lumbar discography, so you can communicate with Dr. Loomba about any pain or other symptoms you experience.

Dr. Loomba numbs the injection site with a local anesthetic before inserting a needle into the center of your spinal disc. He uses fluoroscopy, real-time X-ray technology, to guide the needle into the correct position before injecting the contrast material into the disc.

You answer questions about your pain or other sensations you feel throughout your procedure. Dr. Loomba may also repeat the injections into other discs during the same appointment.

After your lumbar discography is complete, you remain under observation for a brief time before you can go home. Dr. Loomba can discuss any additional testing or treatments you need based on your lumbar discography results.

Call the Advance Comprehensive Pain Care, Inc. office near you to learn more about the diagnostic benefits of a lumbar discography, or book a consultation online today.